Do I need to update oxide if a new rust update comes out?

Every update will always require and oxide / uMod update, using an old patch will revert your server to the update that oxide / uMod was made for.

Is every update required?

No, not all updates are forced. If you’re watching the update feed you’ll see a commit from one of the developers called




This means players and server will both need to be on the same update to be able to connect

Does every update require a mapwipe

As with the previous commit from the developers update twitter. You’ll also see the following


This means you’ll need to wipe your map for the server to work and players to connect.

When is force wipe?

Unless otherwise specified, force wipe is the first Thursday of the month, every month.

Is force wipe going to be a BP wipe?

As with the other identifiers from the developers commits you will also see


This means a Blueprint Wipe is due on the servers with the upcoming update.

BP wipes are a announced on Rusts Official Twitter.

What do each of the .db files do?

Please see this article for more information