Battlemetrics Logo is fast becoming the most useful tool to the games it supports. It goes beyond merely displaying RCON output to users and provides the following:

  • Scheduled Commands
  • Triggered Commands
  • Advanced Logging
  • Advanced Player Tracking
  • Custom Ban Systems

Rust benefits greatly from this and has far more functions than some of the other games on its roster.

This service does cost money but is a very reasonable price at $10/month, you will also recieve a 20% discount for buying multiple months at the same time.

Setting up your Account

As soon as you sign into your account and either buy a subscription or start your trial you’ll be asked for your name. This will be the name displayed when you type in chat and your identifier within the organization

Next it’ll ask for an organization name.

Simple stuff make sure to give the needed information because as you grow as a server you may end up in multiple organizations.

Adding your Server

First you want to head over to this link. This is the RCON page its where all your servers will be shown to you.

Click Add Server and enter the following information.


  • Select Rust as your Game.
  • Enter Your IP.
  • Enter the Game Port you set the server up with for both Game and Query (Default 28015)
  • Enter your RCON Port (Default 28016)
  • Enter your RCON Password you setup in your Batch when installing the server.
  • Choose Web RCON.

Click Add Server. If you have any trouble head on over to the Battlemetrics Discord

Setting up Roles

Roles allow you to give people different levels of access within the tool. Because lets face it you don’t want just anybody to be able to shutdown your server accidently – right?

The Role presets have the most common options available for your staff. Please be careful with the Admin Preset, this gives people full access to your organization.

Once you’ve done that continue and you’ll be asked to invite someone to join your org.

Using RCON

Head back on over to the RCON page.

At the bottom you’ll see a chatbox if you type in here it will broadcast to the server. Using CTRL + / you will be able to toggle between chat and Raw Command. This changes the use of the box from chatting to input of commands for your server. At a quick glance you can always tell the mode the input box is in using

If you can see the eye (crossed out or not) its on command input.

The function of the eye is whether the input will show you the servers response or not. This is what it looks like when it is showing responses. This is the response to the following command: version


Obviously RCON has a lot of information passing through it, and not all of it is needed at the same time. On your server click the cog in the top right to open up the filters panel.

Set it to whitelist (only show selected) and use the following common options.

If you don’t have a modded server you won’t need:

  • Player PM
  • Clan Chat


Triggers are an amazing feature from Battlemetrics – it will allow you to complete actions when certain conditions are met. You’ll need some slight technical knowledge of AND and OR statements to use this if you want to get technical. But we can provide some

For example:

When a player joins you can check their name and kick them depending on what its set to.

On player join -> Check their name -> If the player name contains “Asshole” -> Kick player from the server and put the reason “Bad Name – Change and Restart Rust”

It allows you to get a lot more indepth with Regex


This is the regex to match a few commonly used derogatory terms on Rust servers


For more information feel free to visit the Battlemetrics Knowledge Base