One of the best features of Oxide / uMod on Rust is the ability to hotswap plugins. This means you don’t need to restart a server for the plugin to begin running.

Find a plugin you wish to add from the Finding Plugins Article.

Now head over to your Oxide Directory this is predetermined from your command line in your batch (Find out more here).

Inside this folder you will see the following folders

They are used as follows:

  • cfg – Server / User Configuration
  • config – Plugin Configuration Files
  • data – Plugin Data Files
  • lang – Plugin Language files (English / French / German / Russian)
  • logs – Oxide Logs
  • plugins – Plugin .cs files

For your initial install you literally just need to drop your plugin file into the /plugins folder. Doing so will generate a config and potentially data and lang files to, but that’s not always the case not all plugins use all of these.

oxide.unload <PluginName>

this console command will unload the plugin and allow you to make edits the config. Please remember to load the plugin once you are done.

oxide.load <PluginName>

To find out more about Configuring Plugins please follow the link to the Article.