Here are some of the basic Admin Commands. They’re pretty restrictive on what they enable you to do compared to the freedom of Modded Rust but even on vanilla you can install some plugins to make moderating your server easier – see the guide below:

Having Plugins on Vanilla

kickKick a player from the serverkick <SteamID>
banBans a player from the serverban <SteamID>
unbanUnbans a player from the serverunban <SteamID>
mutechatMutes a players Chatmutechat <SteamID>
unmutechatUnmutes a players chatunmutechat <SteamID>
mutevoiceMutes a players voicemutevoice <SteamID>
unmutevoiceUnmutes a players voiceunmutevoice <SteamID>
ent whoIdentifies the owner of an entityWhilst looking at an entity
ent killDestroys an entityWhilst looking at an entity
combatlogGrabs a players combatlogcombatlog <SteamID>
statusPrints out currently connected usersstatus