A few of the barebones plugins most modded server use are as follows:

  • GatherManager – Modifies how much of each resource is given on gathering.
  • N-Teleportation – The absolute goto teleportation plugin.
  • Enhanced Ban System – Allows banning via IP which isn’t allowed by default in Rust.
  • Better Loot – Allows you to build a Custom Loot table for your server.
  • Quick Smelt – Enabled Faster Smelting of Ores.
  • Fancy Drop – Customization of AirDrops and their contents.
  • Death Notes – a Basic Chat Based Kill-feed.
  • Kits – Enable Kit Based Items to be claimed by players.
  • Instant Craft – Enable the crafting of items in bulk instantly.
  • BGrade – Allow building into a specific grade without the need to upgrade.
  • NoEscape – Counter some of the exploits that come with modded servers, disabling certain features during combat/raiding.
  • ClansAllow players to make a group / clan disable friendly fire between each other.
  • Remover Tool – Allows users to remove entities at any time.

If you want to find more plugins please head over to this article