This post covers all operating systems as the process for installing is the same universally.

  • Do I need a new oxide update everytime? Simple answer is yes, every time Rust releases an update for your server you will need to wait for a new Oxide / uMod release and update it.

You’re probably already in the RSOD – But even if you’re not uMod has its own discord which has an update feed. You can find the discord here. You’ll find the update feed in the #updates Channel.

The first is the update by Facepunch for the server.

The post you are looking for is New release published this means a new version of Oxide/uMod is released. To continue click the URL of that post.

This takes you to GitHub you will need to download the .zip containing the update.

Now you’ve got your Oxide Update. You’ll need to extract it to the root of your server. This is the C:\<Location of Server> you installed Rust to with your Update.bat from the previous post.
Don’t worry if yours doesn’t look exactly the same oxide is already installed on this server.

Extract your files and overwrite any files you are being asked to do so with.

You will now need to edit your batch file to define the location of the oxide directory. "C:\YOURSERVERLOCATION\SERVERIDENTITY\"

@echo off
RustDedicated.exe -nographics -batchmode -silent-crashes +server.ip "<SERVERIP>" +server.identity "<SERVERIDENTITY>" +server.port 28015 +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password "<PASSWORD>" "C:\YOURSERVERLOCATION\SERVERIDENTITY\" -logfile "ServerLog.txt" +rcon.web true -logfile "output.txt"
goto start

The above is what yours should look like now.

Once thats complete you can start your Rust_DS.bat and as soon as its loaded you can type something like oxide.version if installed correctly it will respond with the following (your version may vary)

Oxide.Rust Version: 2.0.4253

If you see this Oxide/uMod is correctly installed!